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Basic Rules

Post by Rengokuki on 11/5/2015, 9:52 pm

Please use this space to post about the games you are running as well as games you would like to offer. (could add polls to see if people want it as well.) when posting about your games please include the system being used as well as any pertinent game info like the XP scale anything you don't want to allow in the game and such. also post all loot in the games info to keep it all in one location. also please keep the story updated with previous game session recaps and such to minimize the need to rehash the story thus far every session. and lastly all players are to post up their character sheet and keep it updated regularly, that way if a sheet is lost or forgotten at home or such you wont have to use the last updated copy. just a new rule i would like to see implemented to keep all the character info concise and the game master will have full access to it.


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