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Group Loot

Post by Rengokuki on 11/14/2015, 8:44 pm

Units of MOOKS: 3

Total Funds: 28,008 GP 2427 SP
98 - 1000 GP Imperial Rubies
Visears Vestments: 15,000 GP
Iron: 65,000 GP Worth
Magic Items : ??? GP Worth
Dragonbone 300LBS (Adamantine Valued)
bags of salts and spices
Turkish weapons and armor
9 rings 500GP per
800 GP
Machine Lenses + notes
money haverpouch of 1,808 GP
girdle of dwarven kind {shannon}
Ring of waterbreathing, Ring of free action
Clothing worth 7000GP
silver and jewl encrusted combs of prestidigitation of alter self. {dee}
Masterwork Spiked Gauntlets { pops}
+1 Shocking Burst Longbow { pops}
+3 Clothing Armor (ancient Elven) {Dan}
+4 Elven Thresher (Kama-chuck)
Potion of Cure Disease (2 doses)
Masterwork Banded Mail
Masterwork Chainmail
14 small quantum amber chunks {1 to Tom}
1 core engine part
1 large mass of quantum amber

20 LVL 1 Potions of Light Healing
5 Masterwork Surgons Kits
500GP in Rations

300GP for mounts that are combat trained.


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